Fundable qualifications

We have hundreds of fundable qualifications and units available for registration. These range from full qualifications to units, eligible under various funding streams including The European Social Fund (ESF) and Adult Education Budget (AEB).

AEB devolution

In 2015-16 the government agreed a series of devolution deals between central government and local areas, also known as Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCAs) in England. As part of the devolution deals certain adult education functions will be transferred from the Secretary of State for Education to the MCAs.

This change will come into effect from the start of the 2019-20 funding year. As you start to prepare and develop key partnerships, NCFE is here to support you. We understand the skills gaps in your region and our comprehensive product offer will give strength and depth to your delivery. Find out more about the AEB devolution.

Not in a devolved area?   

We also have lots of options for you if you’re not in a devolved area with our huge range of short, flexible and fundable qualifications in a variety of sector areas. Find out more.

How can I find out if an NCFE qualification is eligible for funding?

You can check our quarterly funding spreadsheet to find out about our fundable qualifications, however the most up to date information on which of our qualifications are eligible for funding can be found on the ESFA website.

We release a monthly funding newsletter from both NCFE and CACHE, summarising the latest funding news and policy updates. You can access these as well as our quarterly funding spreadsheet, (which gives you quick access to view our qualifications that are eligible for funding) to the side of this page.

Funding Newsletters

Our monthly funding newsletters update you on the latest news, policy and opportunities in the world of funding.

Fundable Qualifications Spreadsheet

Download our latest list of fundable NCFE and CACHE qualifications. These can conveniently be filtered by both sector and funding stream!

Adult Education Budget (AEB)

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Adult Education Budget (AEB) devolution

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Addressing the digital skills gap

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Supporting those furthest from the labour market

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