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Equality, diversity, and inclusion

No-one left behind; embracing diversity and inclusion

At NCFE, we work to further equality of opportunity, whatever the start point, whatever the destination, and this extends to the people we want within our business as well as our customers. We believe that collaboration between professionals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives will help us develop education solutions that benefit the variety of learners we serve. 

We’re continuously strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusion as part of our mission to create a fairer, more equal society. The more diverse perspectives we bring together, the better we’ll develop and deliver qualifications, assessments and resources that meet a broader set of needs.  

Equality, diversity, and inclusion

Creating a fairer and more inclusive society is at the core of who we are at NCFE. We're committed to building rich diversity into our workforce at all levels, to ensure that we understand and are representative of the communities and customers we serve.

We do not discriminate against anyone due to their gender, race, age, religion, beliefs, identity, social background, visible or hidden disability, or neurodiversity. Instead, we pride ourselves on our collaborative, vibrant and high-performance culture which embraces everyone, celebrates uniqueness, and enables everyone's voice to be heard.

Our dedicated Diversity and Inclusion team works across our organisation to achieve this.

NCFE reflects the world we live in

We have a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion team that works to champion diversity and inclusion inside NCFE as well as across the education sector. Our goal is for NCFE to reflect the world we live in. We look beyond the protected characteristics of the Equality Act to make sure there’s space here for people of all intersectional identities to shine.

Why we’re passionate about diversity and inclusion  

We believe that the make-up of our organisation must reflect the diversity of those communities whose needs we’re aiming to address. Our culture should empower people to happily bring their authentic selves to work and know that, while doing so, they can continuously succeed in their roles.  

NCFE gender pay gap report 2021-22

All UK companies with 250 or more employees are required by law to produce an annual gender pay gap report. This requirement is set out under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations, with a snapshot of data being taken on 5 April each year. Download NCFE's gender pay gap report in both .pdf and .pptx formats. 

Gender pay gap (.pdf)

Gender pay gap (.pptx)

Discover our Level 2 qualification in Equality and Diversity  


I’m part of the Diversity and Inclusion team to support positive change, and to improve awareness of the importance and benefits of having a diverse and inclusive culture.

Steven Watson, Assurance Leader at NCFE

Disability Confident

NCFE is a Disability Confident Employer.

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Perspectives from the Chair of our Diversity and Inclusion team

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and driving access to and equality of education for all.