Fully Functional

NCFE’s campaign to create a level playing field for English and maths.

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EPA Plus

We have everything plus a little extra when it comes to end-point assessment
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Let's get to work

Explore our employability solutions for schools to get your learners career ready and meet your career guidance duties.
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ESFA Learning Aims Hub announcement

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Assessor and Internal Quality Assurance training events

Book now for training in Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and London.
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On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

  • details on all qualifications including learning resources
  • approval forms to get started
  • offer additional qualifications
  • delivery support – from assessment windows to sample portfolios
  • quality assurance advice – prepare for and request a visit
  • online assessment support
  • direct claim status information
  • policies
  • much more.
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AEB devolution

Supporting you through the devolution evolution

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Study Programmes

Whether your learners are going on to university or hoping to embark on a career, NCFE study programmes provide a structured learning experience, giving 16- 19 year old learners the best possible chance of success. Our substantial qualifications are endorsed and accepted by a number of universities.
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Routes to success

Plan your curriculum and map your learners’ progression routes with our sector maps and guides.
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Key Stage 4 & V Certs

V Certs are technical alternative qualifications to GCSEs at Key Stage 4 holding Department for Education (DfE) performance points and recognised in the Progress 8 Measure.

Accreditation and Employer Services

Our products give you Awarding Organisation (AO) recognition for your own qualifications and programmes.
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Results day– what if you don’t make the grade?

“If you don’t get your grades, you won’t be able to push on in your career”. It’s a sentence that many students will have heard for a number of years.

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A new team for Education – will it make a difference?

As the final piece of the Department for Education (DfE) ministerial team drops into place let’s take a look at the shape of the new team and where it might lead us.

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Fair funding for 18-year olds – but only for a few: Mick Fletcher

In policy terms one of the most interesting features of the recent announcement on funding for T levels was the decision that 18-year olds on these courses will be funded at the same rate as those aged 16 and 17 on the same or similar programmes. 

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