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End-point assessment (EPA)

As a market-leading end-point assessment organisation (EPAO), we deliver a unique proposition that combines innovation and customer service into each stage of the end-point assessment (EPA) process. We put provider and apprentice success at the heart of what we do to ensure the best possible outcomes and impact, which last year ensured an 85% first time pass rate. 

Our flexible EPA solutions come with sector expertise, guidance materials and proactive support to guide you through a seamless EPA journey. 

Colleague case studies

Our EPA Relationship Team are here to support you every step of the way with end-point assessment. We spoke to members of the team to find out more about their career paths, their passion for education and what attracted them to a career here at NCFE.

Case studies

We’re one of the largest end-point assessment providers in England, leading the way from the first days of EPA.

Our unique approach ensures that we have service-level agreements for every stage of the EPA process, giving employers, training providers and apprentices trust, transparency and confidence in the process. You will benefit from:

  • Guaranteed access to your chosen Gateway progression date*
  • No fees for changing your EPA start date before Gateway
  • Personalised feedback on your Gateway audit if you're unsuccessful
  • Feedback and results on each assessment component within 5 working days
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We successfully deliver EPA across a range of subject areas, with focus on the sectors where we have deep experience and insight: 

  • Business services

  • Digital 

  • Early years

  • Education

  • Finance and compliance 

  • Health 

  • Leadership management

  • Social care

We directly employ a team of Independent End-Point Assessors (IEPAs) with exceptional occupational competence, to ensure we have complete control over the quality and service of your EPA. These sector experts provide fair, consistent and rigorous assessments.  

*Apprentices must register 90 days before Gateway progression.   

**Where you give 8 weeks’ notice, with some exceptions where EPA plans outline specific timelines. 

Onboarding and getting you to Gateway 

The support package we provide has everything that you need for a smooth and successful experience. From the onboarding process to an assigned dedicated Relationship Manager find out how we will support you.

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