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Qualification Provider FAQs

What are Customised Qualifications?

Customised Qualifications are unregulated qualifications written and developed by a provider, and accredited by NCFE. These qualifications contain measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria, with relevant assessment methods. The qualifications are the intellectual property of the qualification provider, and are unregulated so will not appear on the register of regulated qualifications. Instead, it will have our Awarding Organisation recognition, meaning your qualification is fit for purpose and quality assured by NCFE.

For an annual fee, we can accredit an unlimited amount of unregulated qualifications.

What are Endorsed Programmes

Endorsed Programmes are informal activities carried out in-house by a programme provider that are accredited by NCFE. These programmes contain no learning outcomes or assessment criteria, or certification from NCFE, and activities can range from seminars to workshops, or webinars to paper based materials.  Our recognition of your Endorsed Programme means your programme is fit for purpose and quality assured by NCFE.

Endorsed Programmes are charged on a programme by programme basis.

What qualification levels can we register?

We have no restriction on the level of qualifications you can register. However, all submissions at Level 4 or above will be subject to review by a Sector Expert in order to make sure your qualification meets the relevant criteria for accreditation. Customised Qualifications at level 3 or below will be subject to an internal review, however a Sector Expert review can be requested at an additional cost. All Endorsed Programmes will receive a Sector Expert review.

Does the Annual Accreditation Fee include VAT?

We do not charge VAT on our fees

Do you have guidance on how to write content for our bespoke qualification?

Yes we do. Our Guide to Writing your Customised Qualifications tells you all you need to know about writing a bespoke qualification from scratch, including information on how to write your qualification to meet national framework levels, how to structure your qualification, and how to create your content in an easy-to-understand way.

Do you have stipulations or guidance as to how we advertise our qualifications?

Yes we do. Our Stipulations for Advertising document tells you all you need to know about advertising your unregulated qualification within Ofqual guidelines.

How do we know whether our qualification would be an NCFE or CACHE qualifications?

In order to fall under the CACHE brand, your qualification must be in the context of either Early Years, Health and Social Care or Children and Young People. Any other sector would fall under the NCFE brand.

Can we use our own logos on certificates for Customised Qualifications?

Yes you can! If you submit your centre logo to us when you become an approved NCFE centre, we will use these in conjunction with our logo on your certificates.

You don't issue certificates for Endorsed Programmes. Can we issue our own in-house certificates?

Yes you can. Endorsed Programmes certificates are not issued by us here at NCFE but you can issue your own in-house certificates. You can also use the NCFE Endorsed logo on the certificates for your Endorsed Programmes.

We are currently an approved NCFE centre, how do we gain approval for a new qualification?

Gaining approval for a new qualification is simple. Just log in our Accreditation and Employers Service back office and apply for a new qualification.

We are currently not an approved NCFE centre, how do we gain approval for our centre and our qualification?

Becoming an approved NCFE centre is a simple and swift process. Feel free to read this ‘Step by Step’ guide, and then register for our Accreditation Services. Once you have submitted your new centre form, our Approvals department will organise a centre visit from one of our experienced External Quality Advisors who will assess your centre for NCFE approval.