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Learner FAQs

What are Customised Qualifications?

Customised Qualifications are unregulated, bespoke qualifications written and developed by a provider, and accredited by NCFE. Our accreditation recognises the quality and rigour of the qualification and provides you, the learner, with an NCFE Customised Qualifications certificate on your completion of the programme.

What are Endorsed Programmes?

Endorsed Programmes are recognition of bespoke in-house training materials. Examples of such can include workshops, seminars or online training. Unlike Customised Qualifications, Endorsed Programmes do not involve any particular assessment or certification from NCFE.

Is the qualification I am studying, or want to study, recognised by Ofqual?

Unregulated qualifications are not Ofqual recognised and will not show on Ofqual’s list of regulated qualifications. However, NCFE accreditation recognises the high quality of the qualification you are studying or want to study, and that the qualification meets our quality standards.

Will employers recognise an unregulated qualification I complete?

This is dependent on the employer and recognition body of the particular sector or industry you are wanting to go into. We would recommend discussing this with your qualification provider if you need further advice.

Why can’t I find the qualification on the NCFE website?

Because the qualification has been developed and written by your qualification provider, they are the owners of the qualification. For this reason, we do not advertise it on our site.