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Supporting Pride

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Each year in June, LGBTQ+ communities around the world come together to mark the Stonewall uprising in 1969 and celebrate diversity and difference. Pride Month is a time to honour, recognise, and listen to the voices of our colleagues, friends and family who identify as LGBTQ+. And at NCFE, that extends to a celebration of the diversity of our customers, learners and partners too.

NCFE was born in 1848 from the belief that no learner should be left behind – a mission rooted in inclusivity that still guides our purpose to this day.

Identifying actions and speaking up is an important place to start, and we’re always listening and learning about how we can achieve (and surpass) true equality and diversity throughout our organisation. And, whilst Pride Month is an important moment of visibility for LGBTQ+ people (especially this year as we mark 50 years since the first celebration), it’s important to think about what we’re doing the other 11 months of the year to really embed this.

What are we doing?

At NCFE, we have a lot of work in progress through our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee and have recently held a number of workshops, supported by external experts, with some clear outcomes and actions to help us to do better. One such example is that we’re also about to publish internal guidance for staff on the topic of creating inclusive content at NCFE, ensuring that different lenses are thoroughly considered at every step of the content creation process.

But there's always more to be done. In the words of Dan Howard, Chair of our EDI committee: “NCFE doesn’t always get it right – but we’re moving in a positive direction where people can feel safe to have open, transparent, and sometimes challenging conversations that are free from bias.”

We plan to update this page year-round with up-to-date information and resources, in order to carry this moment beyond Pride Month and ensure there is a legacy that is taken forwards from this celebration. You’ll find this information and resources below.

Amplifying colleague and partner voices

We share the thoughts of some of our colleagues here at NCFE, as well as individuals from some of our partner organisations, who discuss their lived experiences and highlight the importance of working authentically within a diverse organisation.

Pride Month: Key facts and resources

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I truly believe that because we live in a multicultural and intersectional society, we can learn so much from eachother. Having different viewpoints, opinions and experiences all contribute to a healthy workplace and a progressive society.

Reb Robb, Campaigns and Admin Assistant, Campaign for Learning and NCFE
Helpful resources

We’ve collated a list of organisations whose support, advice and resources you might find helpful below:

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Beyond Pride: How can FE take Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion forwards?

Read the thoughts of Dan Howard, Chair of the EDI committee and Operations Director at NCFE, on FE News.

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