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NCFE and WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence  

The Centre of Excellence is a revolutionary training programme for technical education educators that will advance the sector and benefit learners.  

We partnered with WorldSkills UK to create this programme that will drive change within colleges and training providers. WorldSkills UK will use its expertise of global advancements in skills, while we’ll use our knowledge of technical education to help educators fulfil their potential. The result is that educators who leave our programme return to the classroom with a new sense of purpose, passion, and the skills to deliver transformative technical education qualifications.  

Our aim is that this programme will inspire more learners of all backgrounds to pursue technical and vocational education as a highly effective route to success.  

The three-year pilot began in September 2020, but eventually this programme will be available to hundreds of colleges and training providers nationwide.  

"The development of skills is a crucial aspect of enabling young people to reach their full potential. High-quality learning experiences build confidence, self-esteem and enable people to be the best they can be. Central to great learning experiences are great educators, and for the UK to be competitive on a global scale, we know that we need more truly world-class educators in our technical education and skills system. As two organisations with a common purpose for the promotion and advancement of learning, we are delighted to be working together with WorldSkills UK to invest in the development of world-class technical educators."

– David Gallagher, NCFE Chief Executive.  


NCFE and WorldSkills UK: the perfect fit 
  • Shared mission. We’re both inspired to build a world-class skills system. Our purpose to promote and advance learning aligns with WorldSkills UK’s mission that every young person succeeds in work and life. 
  • Expertise. We both have a strong heritage but retain an innovative spirit. We’ll benefit from WorldSkills UK’s international focus, and they’ll benefit from our rigorous knowledge of qualification and curriculum development.  
  • Social purpose. We both work tirelessly to promote social mobility and prosperity. 

 Who’ll benefit and what we’ll achieve 

The Centre of Excellence will make a tangible, positive difference for learners in technical education. By 2023, the WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence will: 

  • Advance technical learning so that teaching quality is higher, and performance is raised 
  • Support educators to learn from international best practice, gain skills to enhance their career development, and raise standards across technical education 
  • Provide learners with increased confidence and career aspirations 
  • Create a highly qualified and better performing young workforce to benefit employers with improved productivity 
  • Boost social mobility to change the lives of learners of all backgrounds. 

Sir Charlie and the King – Excellence in Leadership 

Our CEO, David Gallagher, contributed to WorldSkills UK’s collection of essays on skills excellence, with other authors consisting of education and skills luminaries such as Former Skills Minister, the Rt Hon Anne Milton, Dr Susan James Relly from Skope, and Gillian Keegan MP.  

David’s piece is distinct with his personal look at excellence in leadership. He looks at his most formative experiences which shaped his attitudes to excellence, including Sir Charlie and the King.  

Read David's essay 

Impacting more than 120 educational institutions 

Training nearly 1000 technical educators 

Raising achievement for more than 40,000 learners 


What does the programme consist of? 

The programme has 3 aspects: 

  • Train the trainer modules 
  • Gathering information on international industry best practice  
  • Influencing setters of training standards. 
How the Centre of Excellence will benefit you 

Learn about the benefits the Centre of Excellence will bring to staff and learners. 

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