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Offering our qualifications

Choosing the NCFE qualifications you offer

Whether you’re a centre looking to work with us for the first time or you’re a centre who has worked with us before, getting started with NCFE qualifications couldn’t be easier! For existing centres, you can complete the process in just 2 easy steps and we’ll get back to you within one working day. For new centres, the great news is that we can welcome you in just one more step (see step 3).

 Select your qualifications

We’ve created a vast range of fundable qualification options for you to choose from in a variety of sector areas. Browse them now using our dedicated website QualHub - you can filter them by sector, level, GLH, age group relevance and more before creating an online shortlist.

 Complete the online form

Once your shortlist is complete, click ‘Request Approval’ and you’ll be directed to an online form that you’ll need to complete.

If you work for an approved centre which currently delivers NCFE qualifications, then that’s it! You won’t need to do anything further. We’ll process your application and get back to you within one working day. Once approved, you can start registering learners via the secure NCFE Portal.

 New centres – ensuring you meet our criteria

For new centres, after you submit your form, we’ll need to undertake a centre approval review which will be carried out by your assigned External Quality Assurer (EQA). This is to ensure you meet our criteria and that you have all of the information you need to begin delivering our qualifications.

Once your application has been received, you’ll be allocated an EQA who will contact you within 6 working days to arrange your centre approval review. As part of the centre approval, you’ll need to demonstrate that you understand our approval criteria and that your paperwork is complete and up to date.

After the visit, you’ll receive an approval email in 5 days – it’s that easy!*

You’re ready to go!

As soon as your centre approval review has been successfully completed, you’re ready to begin registering learners via our secure NCFE Portal. Registering your learners early is a great way of unlocking all of the support that NCFE can offer you to give you the best service possible.

*Please note, we charge a single Annual Approval Fee which is not affected by the number of learners or variety of NCFE qualifications being delivered. The fee does not apply to centres offering our Accreditation Services only.

Centres outside the UK should consult our International website.


On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

  • details on all qualifications including learning resources
  • approval forms to get started or offer additional qualifications
  • delivery support – from assessment windows to sample portfolios
  • much more.
Visit Qualhub

Why offer NCFE qualifications?

  • We work collaboratively with a huge range of top training providers across the country, supporting thousands of learners to job outcomes.

  • You will benefit from our unrivalled, award winning customer support and expertise and fast turnaround on certification.

  • Quality and reliability is very important to us – that’s why we’ve been here for over 170 years.

  • Innovation and new ways of working is also very important to us – that’s why we will still be here in another 170 years.

  • You will be given access to a wide range of high quality free resources to support delivery as well as keeping you ahead of the curve with policy information.

Find out more

Learn how your centre can become NCFE approved, or if you have questions regarding the delivery of our qualifications, contact us now.

NCFE Events

We have a range of Events designed to help you with your delivery, head to QualHub to find out more.

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