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V Cert Subject Areas

Health and Fitness 

 Our Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness is a great introduction to working in the sector. It covers a wide range of topics – from understanding the functions of the body systems to lifestyle analysis and the principles of training – giving learners the knowledge and practical tools they need to create fitness programmes to meet specific health and fitness goals.  

Read how pupils at Highcrest Academy have used our Health and Fitness V Cert to help their progression.   

Business and Enterprise  

Our Level 1/2 Technical Award In Business And Enterprise is endorsed by the North East Enterprise Agency based on its valuable content, which provides learners with a great introduction to the subject. It covers topics such as legal structures, marketing and operations management to give learners a range of skills to succeed in business.  


Our Level 1/2 Technical Award in Engineeringfocuses on different disciplines of engineering and how they have shaped products and projects in the modern world. Learners will be taught how to read technical drawings, select appropriate materials, tools and machinery, and how to carry out practical tasks, giving them the practical knowledge to progress in the sector.  


Read how Beverley Grammar School is engineering futures for their learners, with our Engineering V Cert.  

Child Development and Care   

Our Level 2 Technical Award in Child Development and Care will give your learners sound knowledge of working with and developing children. It covers key topics such as how to support children through transition and holistic development. 

Health and Social Care  

Our Level 2 Technical Award in Health and Social Care offers pupils the chance to explore the job roles and career pathways of a health and social care practitioner, as well as building their understanding the fundamentals of human development – from conception to birth, and throughout the entire life span.  

Interactive Media   

Our Level 1 Technical Award in Interactive Media and Level 2 Technical Award in Interactive Mediacover a range of skills and knowledge to help pupils feel prepared for a future in the digital media sector. These qualifications allow pupils to experiment with interactive media products, materials, techniques and processes, as well as the opportunity to work to interactive media briefs to refine, develop and evaluate ideas.   

Graphic Design   

Graphic design makes for an exciting career path for your creative, tech-savvy pupils. Our Level 1 Technical Award in Graphic Design and Level 2 Technical Award in Graphic Design teach pupils practical graphic design skills. These skills help to build their confidence and experience in working to design briefs, allowing them to produce their own portfolios. 

Music Technology   

Our Level 1 Technical Award in Music Technologyand Level 2 Technical Award in Music Technologygive pupils an exciting taste of what it’s like to work in the music industry. Covering a range of topics, from setting up and using a digital audio workstation to planning and undertaking a studio recording session, our Music Technology V Certs provide pupils with the practical skills and knowledge to succeed in this sector.  

Art and Design   

Our Level 1/2 Technical Award in Art and Designis endorsed bycreative communications agency Gardiner Richardson. It encourages learners to use knowledge and practical skills, covering important disciplines such as understanding how visual language is used through art and design works, and how to respond to art and design briefs, to build learners’ confidence and prepare them for the work environment. 

Performance Skills   

Level 1/2 Technical Award in Performance Skillsgives learners a taste of what it takes to work in the performance industry, encompassing a number of different disciplines. It supports learners to understand development as a performer, production and promotional roles, development of events, and the staging of a performance. 

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