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T Levels and Teacher Assessed Grades

On Thursday 25th February 2021 the Department for Education and Ofqual published a response to the consultation on Alternative Arrangements for the Award of VTQs and other General Qualifications in 2021. The full response can be found here.

In relation to T Levels, the Department for Education and Ofqual consultation decision response states:

Summary decision

As this is the first year in which students will be taking T Levels and students need to be able to progress through the course, students should be able to receive grades for the core component in August this year. Alternative arrangements for the award of these grades should be put in place to recognise that there is no historical delivery that can inform alternative assessment.

1.4 T Levels – core component assessment

Our position is therefore that students have the option to complete the core component this summer and receive an overall grade in August that accounts for the employer-set project and core knowledge.

Where a student has decided to complete the core component this summer, Teacher Assessed Grades should be used to derive the core component grade. Drawing on both the employer-set project and core knowledge will provide more evidence to inform the Teacher Assessed Grade for the core component while ensuring the coherence of this part of the course.

Students who choose to complete the core component this summer, can retake either the core knowledge exams or the employer-set project in the autumn as planned. Alternatively, they could choose to take the core component for the first time in the autumn and re-take either or both parts in the summer of 2022.

Using Teacher Assessed Grades will mean students can receive a grade for the core component this summer. This approach aims to avoid overloading the second year so that students have more time to prepare for occupational specialism assessments and to go out on their industry placement.

NCFE are working with Ofqual, DfE, IFATE and other awarding organisations to agree appropriate guidance and support for providers on the approach to producing TAGs for their students this summer. In order to help us ensure the most appropriate approach and guidance we would like to know your current views and position on the linked questions. Your responses will help us to shape the approach that ensures the best outcomes for students this summer.

Please click here to share your views. In order to enable us to review your responses to inform next steps please can we ask the survey is completed by Friday 5 March.