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Could an NCFE V Cert be right for you or your child? We’ve got the answers to your questions about technical education for schools from NCFE.



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When you or your child starts looking at options for year 10 onwards, it can be a really confusing time. There are a lot of options available for learners and choosing the ‘right’ one can be daunting. If your, or your child’s, school offers qualifications from NCFE, below you’ll find out more about us, technical education and what the benefits of choosing a qualification from NCFE might be.

Who is NCFE?

NCFE is a national Awarding Organisation. We develop qualifications for colleges, training providers and schools. We’ve been developing qualifications for over 170 years, so we’re quite the experts.

What does NCFE offer for Key Stage 4 learners?

V Cert Technical Awards are alternatives to GCSEs which are built on applied learning and hands-on practical content. They are for 14 – 16 year olds and can be added in alongside core subjects.

Find out more about V Certs in this short video 

What about Key Stage 5?

Applied Generals are for learners aged 16 and over. They carry UCAS points for entry in to University or Higher Education. We have a range of subject areas on offer, which are supported by practical, hands-on learning solutions.

What are the benefits of technical education?

Everyone learns differently, but some people find being practical, such as doing things with their hands or engaging in interactive lessons it helps them understand the topic and retain information.

Exam prep: hints and tips!

You can prepare for the assessment by looking at some past papers. If you search for the qualification you’re taking on the NCFE website, you’ll find examples of past papers there. Your teacher should also have a copy of the Chief Examiner’s report which can help you with areas to focus on in more detail to help achieve a better grade.

If you suffer from exam stress, don’t worry; we’ve got an app for that! GoCalm is designed to help you deal with stress, keep your brain engaged and help you focus, from your computer or laptop.


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V Cert Qualifications External Assessment Windows

This document provides the external assessment windows for our V Cert qualifications.


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