Learning Resources

As well as developing each of our qualifications with industry experts, we also want to provide schools with great resources that make delivering out qualifications simple and enjoyable and that will give pupils the greatest chance of success.

All our resources can currently be found on the individual qualification pages on QualHub.

The range of resources available include :-

Customer support resources

  • Support guides to help you with things like getting started or understanding the External Quality Assurance visits and reports
  • Purpose Statements set out who the qualifications are aimed at and the knowledge that pupils will gain from completing the qualification
  • Qualification specifications cover everything you need to know, from the unit content and how units are assessed.

Teaching and Learning Resources

  • Delivery Guides that include guidance on when to deliver each of the units as well as a scheme of work
  • Classroom packs that enable you to “pick up and go” including lesson plans and a range of fun and engaging materials that are mapped direct to the qualification
  • Classroom packs to help you to deliver PSHE, employability and study skills.

Assessment Resources

  • Evidence trackers so you can track your students’ progress
  • External Assessment Practice/Sample papers and sample portfolios
  • Chief Examiner Reports that highlight areas where pupils are doing well and not so well.

Pupil and Parents evening resources

  • Career Cards will let your pupils and their parents know what careers are and help them to make informed decisions about their future.
  • Parent packs to explain NCFE qualifications and technical education

We also work with partners who have developed specific systems and resources to help you to deliver our qualifications.

And if you still need more, we’ve developed the functionality to allow you to search for and share resources with other schools or post questions to them via our online schools discussion forum.

Free resource for options evenings

Print out guide for parents about technical education and V Certs.

Withdrawn V Cert support materials

These zip file contains support material for withdrawn V Certs.

Withdrawn V Cert support file 1 

  • Creative Studies Art and Design
  • Creative Studies Music Technology
  • Creative Studies Interactive Media 

Withdrawn V Cert support file 2

  • Creative Studies Graphic Design
  • Creative Studies Craft
  • Creative Studies Performance Skills

Withdrawn V Cert support file 3

  • Level 1 Engineering Studies
  • Level 2 Engineering Studies

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On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

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  • delivery support – from assessment windows to sample portfolios
  • quality assurance advice – prepare for and request a visit
  • online assessment support
  • direct claim status information
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  • much more.
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