Welsh Schools

Schools outside of England can certainly offer NCFE qualifications but consideration should be made as to whether these are approved by Qualification Wales.

At NCFE, we understand that every school and every pupil is different and that the traditional academic curriculum may not help everyone achieve their full potential. Our comprehensive schools offer includes our flagship V Cert qualifications which are a technical alternative to a GCSE, CACHE qualifications, Applied Generals for post-16 pupils and additionality subjects including PSHE and employability qualifications.

If you’re considering offering technical subjects as part of your Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 delivery, can certainly offer NCFE. It’s best that you check that each qualification is approved by Qualification Wales.

What are capped points?

Capped points are the name of performance points in Wales. Wales operate a different accountability system to England simply known as Key Stage 4 accountability measures but they do have a Welsh Baccalaureate that is comprised of different requirements to the English Baccalaureate.

Capped points can be allocated to qualifications which are approved for pre-16 pupils and funded. Qualification Wales categorise these as ‘designated’, this status can be applied to any qualifications approved for pre-16 pupils. The Welsh Government manages this process.

How do I know which V Certs have capped points?

Qualification Wales has a database which lists qualifications they fund and allocate points to. Schools can use this to check for their own specific circumstances/qualifications they use. Schools should be directed to check this database as the source of official and accurate information: QIW Qualification Search

To find out if a qualification has capped points, search for the qualification, view it and on the right-hand side there is a button for ‘performance and curriculum information’ which has details including the points, threshold and discount code.

Previous versions of V Certs, if funded in Wales, are on this list – as it migrated from the previous system. The status has to be checked per qualification.

Below is an example of the information that can be found there:

How does a qualification get capped points?

For a V Cert qualification to get capped points and count in Welsh accountability measures a separate formal process must be undertaken. This involves a completely new qualification to be regulated by Qualification Wales. 

Do any other qualifications count in Wales? 

Yes, qualifications don’t have to be points bearing in England to count in Wales.  To check if a qualification has capped points, you can download all the qualifications from the Qualifications in Wales Website which can then be filtered to see which qualifications are eligible from NCFE for pre-16 pupils.