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Restarting careers


Choose NCFE to support your organisation and customers to success with Restart.

NCFE has over 170 years of experience in helping individuals realise their full potential. Giving them the support they need to kickstart their careers is at the heart of what we do.

We’re here to support organisations who have been granted Restart contracts with our extensive provision that supports organisations and their customers from start to finish.


Adults who have been out of work for 12-18 months and are currently claiming Universal Credit are now entitled to enhanced support for up to 12 months, helping them to gain the skills and confidence they need to return to the world of work.

From initial assessment and skills diagnostics to qualifications in work-based sectors, as well as around 150 units focused on enhancing employability skills – your customers will be fully supported and prepared for their next steps in their learning, lives and careers.

Skills Work

Initial assessment, diagnostics and support are vital, especially for Restart.

Test key skills

Skills Work is a psychometric employability skills test that will quickly, accurately and objectively measure an individual's core employability skills and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Skills plan

Your customers will receive a tailored and personalised learning plan based on the areas identified for further development.

Interactive resources

Skills Work is supported by a set of innovative resources including video tutorials, practice skills, interactive games, and summative assessments which support the development of key employability skills.

Progress tracking

Tutors can accurately track individuals' progress and distance travelled from the start to the end of their course to support planning and impact measurement.

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