Adaptations for 20/21

The blueprint document on this page shows the approach we are taking to the adaptation of NCFE qualification and assessment requirements to help mitigate risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic. For each of our main types of assessment, it summarises our current approach - including adaptations already made and communicated to centres – and the approach we are currently proposing to take to adaptations for 2020/21.

We have now applied this blueprint to all of the individual qualifications and assessments in our portfolio. In doing that, we have taken the advice of relevant education and industry sector partners to ensure that adapted qualifications continue to be robust, valid and carry the confidence of the sectors and occupations they’re designed to serve.

You can now view the adaptation detail per qualification by visiting the relevant qualification page on QualHub where you will find an ‘adaptation addendum’ and ‘executive summary’. It is vital that you review those addenda in detail as they prescribe our requirements in relation to each qualification for the 2020/21 academic year.

Please note that qualifications governed by sector bodies (e.g. dental nursing, pharmacy, fitness qualifications) will also have a separate sector body adaptation guidance document available on the QualHub page. We advise that you do not rely on this as a stand-alone document and read it in conjunction with our adaptation guide. The reason for this is because we have contextualised the high-level sector body guidance specific to the qualification.


Assessment mitigation guidance for Wales and Northern Ireland

Access guidance for Health and Social Care and Child Development and Well-being for Wales and Northern Ireland here.

NCFE approach to COVID adaptations

Visit QualHub to view adaptation information.

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