Planning ahead for 2020/21

Following the Government lockdown announcement, the DfE confirmed (on 13 January) that VTQ exams due to take place in February and March will not go ahead as planned, with the exception of online on-demand external assessments where learners are ready and able to complete. Ofqual launched their consultation around alternative arrangements for impacted qualifications on Friday 15 January and we would encourage all centres to take part in this before it closes on Friday 29 January. The consultation will cover arrangements for issuing grades this year for regulated VTQs, as well as arrangements for external assessments for the remainder of the academic year. You can respond here.

At NCFE, we want to equip you with the most up to date information and advice during this challenging time, and support you every step of the way. With this in mind, in this dedicated Covid-19 web hub, you will find detailed information for centres, learners and parents on:

  • Our overall adaptations approach and blueprint (last updated 18 January 2021)
  • Plans for exams (Jan-March) and process for withdrawing learners (last updated 18 January 2021)
  • Functional Skills specific information (last updated 18 January 2021)
  • V Cert and schools specific information (last updated 18 January 2021)
  • CACHE qualification specific information (including independent self-study assignments, longitudinal study adaptations and adaptation templates for CACHE qualifications) (last updated 18 January 2021)
  • EPA support and news (last updated January 2021)
  • Resources to support with remote learning – for teachers, parents and learners (last updated 13 January 2021)

Plan for exams

Read more on set-time, set-date January exams, assessment windows, cancelled exams for February and March, continuation of online on-demand assessments and withdrawing learners.



Read more on our qualification and assessment adaptations for 20/21, where you can access our qualification blueprint and take a look at the detail per qualification through QualHub.

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Functional Skills

Find out specific information on Functional Skills including certification end dates for legacy Functional Skills qualifications and Remote Invigilation.

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V Certs and schools

Read more on our adaptations for synoptic projects, and removal of controlled regulations and set hours for completion.

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CACHE specific information

Visit this page for information on independent self-study assignments, longitudinal study adaptations and adaptation templates for CACHE qualifications.

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Discover how we’re supporting customers digitally to keep end-point assessment on track.

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Resources and information for learners, parents and providers

An area of information including resources to support remote learning and mental health support in light of the second national lockdown

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Case study: Learners at Burnley College achieve successful outcomes despite interruptions of Covid-19

Burnley College put together a comprehensive remote learning programme to support their Childcare and Education learners to achieve without access to the classroom.
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Media contact

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