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Preparing for placement – Supporting Teaching and Learning learners

Here’s our preparing for placement programme for supporting teaching and learning learners. 

This helps learners get ready to begin or re-enter their placement settings. 

Watch our previous webinar 

Preparing for placement programme Q&A (December 2020) 

Watch the webinar 

Year one learners 

Year one learners have three modules to work through which include videos and activities. 

Year two learners 

Year two learners have one module on reflective practice which includes tasks and research.  
Guidance on Reflective Practice and Placement 

Other useful resources

The Brain Story >

The University of Oxford, in partnership with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, is working to share knowledge about the science of brain development for families and professionals.

HSE guidance on work placements >

Introducing young people to the world of work can help them understand the work environment, choose future careers or prepare for employment.