MyPath FAQs

All you need to know about MyPath

What is MyPath?

  • It’s an online community of approximately 300 learners aged 16-25 who are studying vocational qualifications, apprenticeships or and are starting their first jobs.

What will my learners be doing on MyPath?

  • We’ll be asking them to take part in surveys, diary activities, forum style discussions and more so we can understand what life as a learner is like, as well as getting to know more about their hopes and fears.

What’s in it for my learners?

  • They’ll get to shape the future of vocational learning, meet other learners from across the UK and make their voice heard.
  • MyPath supports the PSHE agenda by helping to build confidence, improve self –awareness, communication skills and contribute to the greater good.
  • They can add the experience to their CV.
  • Record it as an enrichment activity.
  • We will also be offering prizes and vouchers as a thank you for their time.


What do you need from me?

  • All we need from you is to send the attached email to your learners, and encourage ALL of them to take part! Once you’ve done that C Space will handle everything on our behalf and there is nothing more we need you to do
  • The MyPath community is a diverse and inclusive space, so we’d like you to send the invite to all your learners so we can talk to a mixture of both confident and quieter learners

We already do a lot of learner listening within our college, how is this different?

  • We know that many of you have a number of in college learner voice programmes that are really valuable in helping you shape and plan for your specific courses. MyPath will operate at a national level so we’ll be able to understand how sentiment varies across regions, and we’ll be able to represent the learner voice in our lobbying at a national level.

How will safeguarding on the online community be guaranteed?

  • The community is facilitated by expert community facilitators at C Space who will be making sure that everyone is getting along well and acting within our community guidelines – this makes sure that the community is a positive and open place where learners feel they can openly share.
  • Should learners share anything that indicates harm to their physical or mental welfare, C Space will share this with NCFE so we can assess whether it’s something we need to speak to you or any other bodies about
  • A link to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command (CEOP)will be included on the community and will be visible to learners at all times.

Who are C Space?

  • C Space are our third party partner who we have worked with to design and build MyPath.
  • As an independent specialist insight agency, they are best placed to manage and moderate the online community.
  • C Space community facilitators will welcome learners to MyPath, run the activities and encourage members to get involved.

What if I have another question that we haven’t answered?