Our online learner community

Designed to be a safe space for vocational learners to voice their opinions, share their experiences and express their concerns, MyPath is our dedicated online learner community platform. 

Why did we create MyPath?

Our learners are at the heart of everything we do. We believe vocational learners need to have their voices heard and we want to help them do this. We launched MyPath to offer learners a platform where they can engage with us and express their opinions on what matters to them most. We want them to share with us how they think vocational learning can be better and what needs to change.

Our ambition is to connect with learners using MyPath to help us truly understand what life as a learner is like. We want to help raise professional standards and prepare vocational learners for the world of work. MyPath allows us to make sure our learners are at the forefront of the agenda of vocational learning to help bridge the gap between vocational training and the workplace.

How will MyPath help learners?

MyPath is an opportunity for learners to make a thoughtful and positive contribution to the world. We have created a platform where learners not only have the freedom to voice their opinion but can be assured it will be heard. It encourages self-advocacy by helping learners build their confidence, improve their communication skills and recognise their own self-worth.  

Learners will be engaging in activities on MyPath that allow them to reflect on their learning and the progress they have made and life ahead of them.  This gives them the opportunity to consider their future choices, put what they have learned into practice and be better prepared for the world of work.  

They will also have the opportunity to receive prizes and vouchers as a thank you for their time.

Get Involved

MyPath is open to all learners aged between 16 - 25 studying vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and those starting their first jobs. Members of MyPath do not have to be studying an NCFE or CACHE qualification to participate, in fact, we welcome all centres to encourage their eligible learners to join MyPath.

If you are interested in recruiting your learners to MyPath, all they have to do is fill in a quick screening survey which can be accessed on the MyPath platform here.

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