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At NCFE, we believe that the best way to ensure that more learners are given the strongest chance of achieving a level 2 qualification in English and maths and reaching their goals is to give them true choice over which qualification suits their individual learning style.

With this in mind, we are calling upon the Government, through our #FullyFunctional campaign, to create parity of esteem between academic and technical qualifications by changing the condition of funding for learners who achieve a Grade 3 in their English and maths GCSEs, so they are able to sit an alternative qualification, rather than resitting GCSEs multiple times.

Fundamentally, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to education and the pressure to resit GCSEs can be hugely overwhelming, exposing learners to a potentially negative cycle of resits that are detrimental to their confidence and mental wellbeing. We celebrate the fact that some learners are able to achieve GCSE English and maths by the end of their 16-19 education. However, the fact remains that under the current policy, a significant proportion of these students are unlikely to do so.

We strongly believe that policymakers need to recognise that the current system is setting some students up to fail and that something needs to be done to fix this urgently. Granting the change in funding rules required to support this campaign will give learners and colleges the right to choose the most appropriate learning route for them, helping to reduce the negative impact that repeated resits has on learners’ confidence and subsequently increasing the proportion of learners who improve their attainment by the end of their 16-19 education.

I hereby pledge my support to the #FullyFunctional campaign and am happy for my name to be added to NCFE’s petition.

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