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We’re looking for as many people as possible, from learners to teachers, and schools to employers to get behind our campaign. To pledge your support, simply read the pledge below and input your details to have your name added to our petition.

NCFE is looking to the government to give English and maths alternative qualifications, such as Functional Skills, parity of esteem with GCSEs. We believe this will better cater to different styles of learning and open up opportunities for young people to progress. Specifically, we would like the government to reverse the funding rule which states that full time students who have prior attainment of a grade 3 / D in GCSE or equivalent in maths and/or English must study a GCSE to meet the condition of funding with no option of an alternative or stepping stone qualification.

Granting the change in funding rules required to support this campaign will help to reduce the negative impact that repeatedly resitting GCSE exams has on learners’ confidence, subsequently creating more positive learner outcomes.

I hereby pledge my support to the Fully Functional campaign and am happy for my name to be added to NCFE’s petition for the government.

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