A good understanding of maths is essential for many parts of life, from using maths day to day with things such as managing money, to more complex knowledge which helps learners move on to further and higher education.

NCFE has a range of options to choose from to boost learners’ skills and confidence in their maths abilities.

Functional Skills maths

Available from entry level to level 2, our Functional Skills qualifications are a great option for a range of learners whether they want to go on to further study or the workplace.

Your learners will build confidence in maths, and build a foundation for their future progression.

Benefits include:

  • a 6 working day turnaround* for online assessment results.
  • on-demand online assessment available 24/7.
  • a free resit option.
  • automatic approval for the qualifications if you’re already approved with us, meaning no hassle!
  • an enhanced level of feedback available for learners, including free automated feedback for online assessments.
  • support from our in-house Curriculum team – maths teachers who are on hand to guide you through delivery and answer questions.
  • a large number of interactive learning resources, suitable for both classroom and workplace learning.
  • certificates processed within one working day.
  • an exclusive discount to eLearning platform, Skills Forward.
  • And more!

*from Spring 2020

We’ve produced some useful mapping documents to help illustrate how the current Functional Skills content will translate to the reformed qualifications.

For a quick overview of the qualifications and their facts and figures, take a look at our fact sheets!

To find out more about Functional Skills, complete the enquiry form on this page or email: [email protected] 

Bite-sized maths

Offer personal intervention for your learners with our bite-sized units in maths and help boost their confidence and achievement.

Build a flexible learning programme for your learners and you’ll benefit from:

  • content that is practical in nature
  • the ability to mix and match from a huge range of units
  • no external assessment
  • high-quality resources
  • exemplar assessment papers
  • low administration.

To find out more about bite-size maths, complete the enquiry form on this page or email [email protected]

Core maths

The Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Everyday Life is suitable for post-16 learners who aren’t studying AS or A level maths, giving them the opportunity to undertake a level 3 maths course alongside their main programme of study.

The key themes are:

  • understanding personal finance
  • understanding commerce
  • understanding chance
  • understanding data.

Benefits include:

  • the qualification comes with UCAS points.
  • it helps get learners ready for university or a career, as it provides lots of transferable skills.
  • it gives learners life skills, teaching them how to apply maths in everyday life.

To find out more about Core maths, complete the enquiry form on this page or email [email protected]

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The organisation is continually improving its service offer, for example with the implementation of the six-day turnaround of results, which was a bonus for us. This fast turnaround has made it a lot easier for us to keep on track, especially during busy exam periods when we would previously have had a sudden influx of 30 or 40 results, so we’ve been particularly pleased about this aspect of working with NCFE.
NCFE Functional Skills have given me both the confidence and the practical English and maths skills that I need to progress into a career as a sports coach.

Explore our bite-sized maths units

Bite-sized maths units

You can offer specific targeted intervention for your learners with our bite-sized units.

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Learners at Darlington College are progressing to new career paths and learning opportunities thanks to bite-sized English and maths from NCFE.

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