Sample papers, Example Papers and Online Assessment Samples

Our sample and example papers give your learners the opportunity to practice and familiarise themselves with the style, structure and functionality of an online NCFE assessment.

Although similar, sample and example papers differ slightly:

Sample papers – these papers are fully representative of a live assessment paper. They are sat under the same conditions and are timed.

Example papers – these papers are structured in the same way as a sample paper, but do not include the same amount of questions as a full sample or live paper. Example papers are not timed.

Top Tips

Once the learner has finished the test, they can review their answers to see which questions they have answered correctly and incorrectly. Although a score is not generated, the learner can then work out their score from the number of correct answers. It may be worth the learner taking a screenshot image of this page for referencing purposes.

To take a sample/example test, simply click on the link associated with the qualification and follow the instructions on the screen.


Team Leader online assessment

Business Administrator online assessment

Adult Care Worker

Assistant Practitioner Health

Healthcare Support Worker