EPA webinars

Our EPA specialists host regular webinars for our existing customers covering a range of tips, tricks and processes.

The "what you need to do" webinar covers the administration of EPA and the use of our SEPA platform, from registrations, to requesting EPA and accessing results.

The "what you need to know" webinar covers how to get the best out of our suite of guidance documents, what our policies look like in practice, top tips for assessments and much more.

Every month we'll also host a guest webinar that covers more EPA content

 Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the delivery of EPA, we'll include everything that you need to become an expert in EPA.

EPA Plus - check in webinars

To help keep your EPA on track during these unprecedented times, we’re hosting monthly ‘check in’ webinars to provide you with regular updates and an opportunity to have your questions answered by our team of EPA experts.

View our previous ‘check in’ webinars

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  • 30 April (Healthcare specific) – Watch now Link
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  • 9 April – Watch now Link

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