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We’ve recently hosted two new webinars, one focussing on how to build an EPA portfolio and one on the new Early Years Educator standard. Both of these are now available on our EPA plus YouTube playlist. You can also register for all of our upcoming webinars here.

ZOOM Video Conferencing

Over recent months we’ve been working with SEPA to replace the soon to be defunct in-built video conferencing software Omnijoin. Omnijoin as a platform had a few issues which we found made it difficult for our customers to run due to their PCs security settings and the requirement to install applications prior to running meetings. These issues led to EPA Plus reducing its overall use for apprentice EPAs and migrating to other products.

Zoom is an award winning videoconferencing software. Those who haven’t come across it before will be impressed by the simplicity of this piece of software. One of the key functions of the Zoom platform is that there are many ways to access your assessments using your PC’s web browser, Zoom Desktop application and mobile applications for both Android and Apple.

There is no necessity for our customers to register for Zoom. When assessments are booked by our assessors links will be emailed out by the SEPA system to confirm the assessment times and instructions on how to join the assessment.

Other platforms can be used in exceptional circumstances but we believe we can migrate all customers to this over the next few months.


We’re receiving enquiries about whether or not we are working with ACE360. At present SEPA (our EPA platform) have chosen not to integrate with the ACE360 platform at this stage.

However we are in discussions with SEPA and ACE360 about how we could use this platform within the EPA journey in the future.

For our customers there is no necessity for you to buy a licence for your apprentice on ACE360 for certification. As part of the EPA Plus service, we offer to you we request your apprentice’s certificate on your behalf. The ESFA then send this direct to the apprentice’s employer.

Missed EPA Holding Pot

In October, EPA Plus will be introducing new functionality within SEPA which will reduce the period of a time an EPA can be requested by our customers.

The system update will limit EPA requests to 28 days before and after the apprentice’s Expected EPA Date recorded within the apprentice’s record on SEPA. Outside of this window an EPA cannot be requested by our customers.

If your apprentice has missed their window to request an EPA, SEPA will automatically change the apprentice’s status to Expected EPA Date Passed. Once your apprentice this status customers will have two options available to them. The first is that they move the apprentice’s Expected EPA Date to 90 days in the future from the day of the change. The second option is to make contact with your Client Relationship Manager to discuss a shorter period of time which can be demand dependent.

Registration notice

In order for the EPA Plus team to manage the capacity of our IEPAs  all apprentices must be registered on the SEPA platform with an accurate “expected EPA start date” at least 90 days before they are due to go through Gateway. The 90 day window is there as a minimum and we encourage our providers to register their apprentices on to the SEPA platform as early as possible. To encourage this there are no fees for Registration or Pre-Gateway withdrawal of apprentices.

Acceptable current and prior equivalent qualifications for English and Maths

You can find the ESFA’s list of acceptable current and prior equivalent Maths and English qualifications here. Please check this document to ensure that your apprentices have the relevant qualifications before submitting them for gateway.

We have recently had issues with providers believing that Adult Literacy and/or Adult Numeracy are acceptable as gateway evidence for Maths and English, unfortunately, as per the ESFA’s guidance we are unable to accept them as valid evidence.

Enquiries and Appeals Policy

We’ve revised our Enquiries and Appeals Policy to ensure that it remains relevant and clear. You can find the updated policy on our policies webpage.

As detailed in last month’s newsletter following both internal and external feedback we have reviewed our guidance material, to consider how we would ensure apprentices, employers and training providers can have a more efficient and streamlined experience. New guidance documents are now created as a single document to support the needs of all parties thereby ensuring consistency in information as well as maintaining quality.

Early Years Educator

  • The guidance documents for the level 3 EYE standard are now available on the SEPA platform for contracted customers
  • All of the guidance documents have been brought together into one place to support providers, employers and apprentices prepare for the EPA. This zip file is available on the SEPA platform and is titled “Early Years Educator - L3 Guidance Documents and Digital Templates.

Customer Service Specialist

  • Digital Versions of the templates available in the appendices of the assessment specification are now available on the SEPA platform

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