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Webinar recordings

We’ve been hosting monthly ‘check in’ webinars to provide all of our customers with regular updates throughout April and May. If you missed these and would like to watch them, you can view all of the previous webinars here.

Now that most of the standards have flexibilities in place, we’re moving to monthly webinars. You can sign up to the next check-in webinar, taking place at the end of July here.

YouTube Channel  

Head over to our YouTube channel to find our latest helpful short guidance videos on a range of topics. Recent videos include “registrations, uploading evidence and EPA requests in SEPA”, “Introduction to EPA for Apprentices” and “What is proctoring?”.

Proctoring emails

To ensure proctored assessments are able to be conducted, we are directly emailing all apprentices before a proctored assessment to ensure that they’re familiar with the concept of proctoring and understand what is required of them.

Providers will also receive email notifications of upcoming proctored assessments to ensure that they are aware of ongoing proctored assessments.

Date Change Requests

From 1 July, our process for updating apprentices’ EPA expected start dates is changing. Firstly, you’ll have the ability to amend apprentices’ EPA expected start dates.

To allow for even greater flexibility, we’re updating our timescales for the completion of EPA in line with the amount of notice given for a particular EPA expected start date.

When updating dates in SEPA:

  • where the EPA expected start date is updated to 8 weeks (56 days) or further in the future, apprentices will have their EPA conducted to an SLA of 8 weeks (starting once the Gateway audit has been completed)
  • where the EPA expected start date is updated to less than 8 weeks (55 days) in the future, apprentices will have their EPA conducted to an SLA of 12 weeks (starting once the Gateway audit has been completed).

All apprentices must still be registered on the SEPA platform at least 90 days in advance of EPA, with no charges being incurred until the Gateway audit is completed.

The approved EPA period is also being reduced to 10 working days. This means that once you reach the EPA expected start date you’ll be able to request EPA for 10 working days. Any apprentices whose EPA is not requested within 10 working days will need to update the expected EPA date as part of the above process.



Proctoring Support Videos

We’ve created three videos aimed at apprentices to support them with the set up and delivery of proctored assessments. They are:

Conducting the proctoring system test

Starting a proctored assessment

What is proctoring and top tips

Dedicated resources platform

We’re excited to announce our new resources platform coming soon! Launching in July, you’ll be able to access all of our resources and guidance documents in an easy-to-use platform.

Users of the SEPA platform will be automatically set up with access and we’ll sending detailed communications before the launch, so keep an eye out for these emails.



Children, Young Peoples and Families Manager End Point Assessment

EPA Plus and Training Qualifications UK and have been working collaboratively alongside the Employer Group and Ofqual, as the External Quality Assurance Provider, to review the current assessment plan for the Children, Young People and Families Manager Apprenticeship Standard,  published by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE).

After much deliberation, we have agreed by consensus that the current plan is unworkable and as such we are not able, at this time, to progress apprentices through Gateway to take their final end-point Assessments.

We all recognise the challenge this brings to current apprentices who are already on programme and nearing or at Gateway, and as such we continue to work consultatively with the IfATE to propose and find an approved means of resolving this issue as a matter of utmost urgency.

Functional Skills Centre Assessed Grades

An important flexibility has been applied to all apprenticeship standards assisting with the requirement for Functional Skills at Gateway and you can read about it on the IfATE website.

When submitting apprentices impacted by this flexibility, please attach the Functional Skills Estimation Declaration document produced by EPA Plus, in place of evidence for maths and English.

You can download the Functional Skills Estimation Document along with the slides from our recent monthly webinar here.

List of standards with dispensations

You can find the list of all standards that have had flexibilities applied on the IfATE website.

Updates to the Regulations for the Conduct of EPA

Section 4.2 of the policy has been significantly updated to provide detail of technology failures on assessments and the potential impact on the result of an assessment. This is also now supported by an appendix.

In addition to section 4.2, the appendix also supports section 4.8 and provides further clarity of the outcome in instances of an assessment not being cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice, or the apprentice not attending a booked assessment.

Dental Nurse Observation replacement documentation

If accessing the Dental Nurse temporary flexibility in place of an observation, please remember to:

  • Ensure that you have uploaded the ‘Observation Report’ to the documents tab at Gateway
  • If using electronic signatures, include the full audit email trail from all parties involved



We have released suites of guidance documents to assist you with the flexibilities for the following standards -  you can download them here.

  • Customer Service Practitioner and Specialist
  • Healthcare, Senior Healthcare Support Worker and Healthcare Assistant Practitioner
  • Dental Nurse
  • Teaching Assistant

These documents are a really useful tool for preparing apprentices and detail the specifics of the flexibilities as well as the detail of the assessments.

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