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E-Portfolio Systems

e-Portfolios are a digital version of traditional paper-based storage files. Instead of learners keeping hard copies of the evidence they have gathered, they now have the facility to upload it to a secure server where the information can be accessed remotely by their tutor, assessor, manager and internal quality assurer.

As you might imagine this delivers a number of valuable benefits including: 

  • reduced assessment and quality assurance costs
  • information uploaded from any internet-connected device
  • enhanced internal and external quality assurance
  • easier for line managers to check a learner’s progress
  • electronic evidence, such as video, sound files or photographs, can also be stored
  • no more lost portfolios
  • safe storage of archived as well as current portfolios
  • learners can see their progress almost immediately

How it works

Evidence uploaded to an e-portfolio is flagged to the learner’s assessor who can assess it immediately from any internet-connected device. Once the evidence has been assessed, the learner is informed which criteria it has met, allowing them to see their progress in real time.

Choosing which system to use

There are a number of e-portfolio systems you can elect to use. Each has been quality-approved by NCFE to ensure it meets our criteria for ease of access, usability, security, audit trails, support and cost. However, we recommend you use SkillsPortfolio from Skills Forward - this being a dynamic and comprehensive portfolio management tool with fully integrated qualification tracking.

Learn more about SkillsPortfolio

Other systems you may wish to consider.

Please use the links provided to learn more about the other e-portfolio systems that are available to you:


On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

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  • online assessment support
  • direct claim status information
  • much more.
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