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Results and appeals

Queries about B1 qualification results? Follow this flowchart to understand your next steps

As we approach results week, we hope that your learners receive the results they’ve been hoping for. We also want you to be prepared for any challenges and understand the right process to follow if you have not received learners’ grades or believe any grades to be incorrect. Please use this handy flowchart to help you get the support you need for B1 qualifications.

How to access certificates and external assessment results

On our secure portal, you will be able to find:

  • external assessment results slips and CSV files to view and download from the results area
  • previous claims and eCertificates that you can view and download in the certification area.

You can find further information on using the Portal in the Portal User Guide.

What is the appeals process?

The 2020-21 appeals process allows learners to check their grade where they believe there has been an error. Learners should firstly ask their centre to check whether:

  • their centre made an administrative error (such as submitting the wrong TAG by mistake), or
  • their centre made a procedural error (such as failing to follow a process set out in a centre policy).

A centre review must take place in the first instance so that NCFE can be sure that the TAG is as the centre intended. The centre review will either show that no errors have occurred, and no amends are required, or that an error has been found, and the impact this may have on the grade the learner received.

If the outcome of the centre review is that a TAG may require amending, the centre must complete the form below to notify NCFE.

Following the centre review, if a learner believes that an error persists, then can ask their centre to submit an appeal to NCFE for further review. Before you submit an appeal, please check the step-by-step guide to understand whether this is the right route to go down.

The grounds for an appeal to NCFE are:

  • their centre or NCFE made an administrative error
  • their centre made a procedural error
  • their centre made an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement (such as in the selection of evidence used to determine the TAG, or in the determination of the TAG from the selected evidence).

Any learner can request that their centre submit an appeal to NCFE following a centre review if they believe than an error persists.

Fees for appeals against TAGs

There will be no charge to centres or learners from NCFE against any appeals submitted.

When considering whether to charge their learners for completing a centre review (stage 1 appeal). Centres must be mindful of their responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010.

The Department for Education is making available a fund to support centres with their internal costs of appeals for those for Level 3 learners with a UCAS dependent result.

Full details can be found in our guide to TAG appeals which can be found here.

All appeals to NCFE must be submitted no later than 17 September 2021. Therefore, the centre must have received, reviewed, and resolved or escalated a centre review by that date, as all appeals to NCFE or notifications must firstly have been through a centre review.

Appeals must be submitted to NCFE by email, to [email protected], using this request form.

Post-results processes – step by step guide

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Form to complete if you discover incorrect grades before the results have been released to learners

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Guide to appeals for results derived from a TAG


Watch our appeals webinar to understand the process

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Submitting your appeals

Appeals must be submitted to NCFE by email, to [email protected], using this request form.

Take a look at our appeals process flowchart

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