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Quality assurance of Teacher Assessed Grades

Our Quality Assurance Polocy for Awarding in 2020-21 provides you with a clear overview of the quality assurance process expected for qualifications in Ofqual’s category A, B1 and B2. The policy outlines what is expected from centres in relation to preparing a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) strategy, internal quality assurance and how to prepare for the external quality assurance process.

Download our Quality Assurance Policy for Awarding for 2020-21

Once you’re familiar with the QA policy, we need you to summarise your centre TAG strategy by completing our Teacher Assessed Grading Strategy Form. This is required before TAGs can be submitted. 

Complete our Teacher Assessed Grading Strategy Form

Top tips to prepare for your EQA reviews

It’s vital that you book your EQA review in as soon as possible so that your learners receive their certificates on time. To ensure your EQA review can be completed on the day it is scheduled, please prepare for your review by making the below evidence readily available:

  • assessment evidence for all learners selected by your EQA - this includes both Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) and standard claims
  • evidence for both internal and external assessment TAGs awarded.

If you are unable to meet the above requirements, your EQA review may need to be rescheduled which could delay your learners receiving their results.

In order to make sure we can quality assure TAGs that are issued this year, we have changed the way we process results, including for any centres that have Direct Claim Status (DCS). This allows your EQA to confirm that your centre’s TAG strategy has been approved and that your EQA review has taken place. Once both of these checks have taken place, your results and certificates (including ECerts) will either be held for results release days for B1 qualifications or released on a rolling basis for B2 qualifications. For B2 qualifications, if you submit results in the usual way (without a TAG) and have Direct Claim Status (DCS), the EQA team will approve these claims within 24 hours so there should be no delay to receiving certificates.

Any centre that has already received their EQA review this year, can request an additional support review free of charge. To request this please complete this form and add ‘not applicable’ in the Purchase Order number section.

Catch up on our webinar - Quality Assurance Policy for awarding for 2020-21