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Covid-19 response for 2020-21

Working together to support learner success – The deadline for the submission of Teacher Assessed Grades is 18 June in order to guarantee results for w/c 9 August. You can continue to submit TAGs after this point if you do not need to guarantee results by a specific date for your learners.

The deadline for submission of Teacher Assessed Grades is on and you can submit via our portal. Access your submission toolkit here. If you are delivering qualifications that are not awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade, more information can be found here. Subject specific information (on V Certs, Functional Skills, T Levels, Early Years and more) is accessible here.  Take a look at our key dates infographic for all essential upcoming dates and deadlines.  

These pages are designed to provide you with the key information on alternative arrangements for awarding 2020-21, as we work together to support learner success in 2021.

Please use this contents page to get a full view of all pages, documents and forms across our Covid hub so you can easily find what you are looking for – click here. There are also quick links available on the right hand side of the page.


On 25 February, Ofqual published the outcome to its consultation on ‘Alternative Arrangements for the Award of VTQs and other General Qualifications in 2021’ and on 24 March published the outcome of its further consultation on VTQ Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF).

Key information and where to find it

We’re committed to keeping you at the forefront of all developments and with this in mind, we have released:

  • a full toolkit of information to support with the submission of Teacher Assessed Grades by the deadline of 18 June. Access user guides, demo videos and more here.
  • key dates for submissions, results release, appeals process and more. Please note that 18 June is the deadline for Teacher Assessed Grades in order to guarantee results for results day, however you can submit after this point if you do not require your learners’ results for a specific date. Please check these dates for all of the essential information for both TAG and non-TAG qualifications.
  • our new Quality Assurance (QA) Policy for Awarding for 2020-21 found here, along with the Teacher Assessed Grade Strategy Form.
  • an updated version of our approach to awarding for 2020-21 document in response to the consultations referenced above. The document contains clear guidance on Teacher Assessed Grades, evidence gathering, QA arrangements, qualification categorisation, results/post-results information and more. All new information is highlighted throughout the document to help you easily find anything that has been updated.
  • an extended series of webinars to provide practical advice, examples and the opportunity to ask questions in advance to our expert team. You can sign up to upcoming webinars or catch up on our previous webinars here.
  • frequently asked questions to support you with any queries.
  • Ofqual’s qualification explainer tool to find out which qualifications can be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade.
  • qualification specific information for Functional Skills, V Certs and T Levels available

Our menu below will take you to further information on all of the above and more – please just click on the coloured tiles for more information.

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If you are a centre and have any questions, simply call us on 0191 239 8000 or email [email protected]If you are a learner, you can find further information here. You can also access resources to support remote learning here.

Media Contact

For all media enquiries, please contact Lindsay Plumpton, Communications and PR Manager, with your request and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can reach Lindsay at [email protected]

What you need to do before you submit your Teacher Assessed Grades

Before you submit your TAGs, remember to:

  1. Summarise your Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) strategy by completing our TAG strategy formRead more.
  2. Review our Quality Assurance Policy for Awarding for 2020-21.
  3. Submit an eligibility request for Functional Skills TAGs (one is required per learner and you need to evidence that you have explored all other options)– read more
  4. Make a booking for learners on V Cert and CACHE external assessments (where the assessments were cancelled for this session).You can see a record of all bookings made on the bookings screen within the NCFE Portal.

Take a look at our most common queries and our bank of FAQs.


Ofqual’s qualification explainer tool

Access this interactive tool to see how specific qualifications will be assessed and awarded, including which qualifications can be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade. You can then access the relevant page below.


Teacher Assessed Grade submission information

Access guidance on how to submit your Teacher Assessed Grades and read more about our approach to assessment for these qualifications.


Qualifications which can not be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade

Read more about how we have categorised these qualifications, what this means, and the adaptations we have put in place to support your learners to achieve.


Quality assurance of Teacher Assessed Grades

Take a look at our Quality Assurance Policy for Awarding for 2020-21, complete your centre’s Teacher Assessed Grade Strategy form and find out about EQA reviews.


Subject specific information

Here you will find specific information on some of our most popular product areas including V Certs, T Levels, Functional Skills and our new ‘knowledge only’ EYE and EYP qualifications.

Read more

Our support for you

Read about the support package we have in place to guide you through the next few months, including extended opening hours, our FAQs, upcoming webinars and an overview of the guidance that is coming your way. 


Plans for assessments, February - August

Stay up to date with the latest advice on:

- external assessments in 2020-21 following the consultation outcome
- registering and withdrawing learners
- V Cert and CACHE external assessment bookings
- CACHE specific advice – adaptations for longitudinal study qualification components
- advice if you didn’t go ahead with January external assessments
- continuation of online on demand assessments


Anywhere, anytime assessment

Remote invigilation is now live and we can’t wait to have you on board!


End-point assessment

Discover how we’re supporting customers digitally to keep end-point assessment on track.


Successful outcomes in the face of adversity

At NCFE, our vision is that every learner will achieve their full potential this year, regardless of the challenges ahead. So, we’re delighted to share some stories of wonderful learners who have succeeded against the odds and are now flourishing in the next stage of their lives – including working front line in our NHS.