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To help you in supporting your learners during this challenging time, we have listed a few of our top tips to ensure learners remain on track:

  • Make sure that your learners have access to suitable devices for working remotely, if this is not possible ensure that paper resources are available for remote study times.
  • Ensure all learners are taught as part of their induction process how to access online portals and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) so that they feel are comfortable with the systems for remote working periods.
  • Set up your communication channels, for example, Microsoft Teams, and add all your learners.
  • Consider using digital portfolio platforms to enable your learners to continue working on the same system whether in centre or remote.
  • Think about the range of resources you already have to hand and consider how you might use them differently to create new learning activities. For example, you might turn a PowerPoint presentation into a recorded presentation to post on your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • Work closely with your fellow teaching colleagues to consider how assessments can be carried out remotely through the use of e-learning platforms, multiple choice Q&A, group discussions using meeting and project management tools such as Microsoft Teams, 121 conversations, video observations and reflective journals.
  • Consider delivering short courses and individual units to supplement learning or at the beginning of a longer programme of learning. These can help boost achievement and confidence in focused areas and can also help you assess whether your learners are ready for their next challenge.
  • Provide regular opportunities for formative assessment so that learners and tutors can track progress
  • Ensure learners have access to your policy/guidelines on staying safe on-line
  • Consider the needs of your SEND learners and how you alter/vary your delivery to ensure they are not disadvantaged by remote learning
  • Think about how you can conduct and timetable pastoral tutorials on-line to check on wellbeing, celebrate successes and identify issues of concern and barriers to success.

Below is a list of NCFE and external resources that will make it easier for you to support your learners with their continued education at home.

Be confident that with NCFE, they are getting the best learning experience in preparing for their future achievement and success.


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Teacher preparation material

Online delivery environment

Online delivery tools

Online delivery resources


Top tips for teachers working remotely Playlist

Mental health

We also understand that the Covid-19 pandemic brings a huge range of challenges when it comes to mental health and general wellbeing. With this in mind, we’ve collated a list of websites and resources which may prove to be a useful reference tool during this time - you can access this here.