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To help you in supporting your child during this challenging time, we have listed a few of our top tips to ensure your child remains on track:

  • Where possible help them create a dedicated workspace to help them concentrate.
  • Encourage them to set daily goals/objectives that are realistic.
  • Make sure they take regular breaks and do not spend all day in front of the computer screen
  • Ask to see their timetable of study so you understand their schedule
  • Make sure they can access the learning resources provided by their centre either online or have paper copies given ahead of remote working periods.
  • Encourage them to keep in regular contact with their tutors and peers through the remote working period/s.
  • Keep asking general question about what they are doing, this will give you an indication if they understand themselves.
  • Help them reflect what they have learnt on a regular basis.
  • Ensure they are staying safe on-line.
  • Support your child in their broader development and encourage them to maintain their wider interests, hobbies, and recreation.

The below resources will help you to successfully support your child’s continued learning at home.

Be confident that with NCFE, they are getting the best learning experience and preparing for their future.



English and maths

Mental health

We also understand that the Covid-19 pandemic brings a huge range of challenges when it comes to mental health and general wellbeing. With this in mind, we’ve collated a list of websites and resources which may prove to be a useful reference tool during this time - you can access this here.