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A day in the life of Stephen Agnew our Senior Software Developer

Involved in all parts of the business, the IT team is vital to the running of NCFE. They support colleagues and customers by being directly involved in the design and implementation of solutions and services using the latest tools, technologies and best practices.

Stephen shares with us what a typical day in the life at NCFE is like for him.

I prefer to start my day as early as I can, as I work a lot better in the morning. NCFE is very flexible - in our team, as long as you make ‘stand up’ (our 10am meeting) then you can organise your start and finish times yourself. I normally start each day at 8am.

To begin my day I ease myself in with a strong dose of caffeine whilst checking and responding to emails and chats from team members. I also check if there are any outstanding pull requests and complete these before stand up.

Our team uses an Agile Kanban process, so my next task is to check the Kanban board to see what the highest priority task is and pull in the work. This helps me to create a list of things I want to achieve by the end of the day, which I find helps me to be more productive. Different teams work with different processes (some teams use a Scrum process), as NCFE is flexible enough to allow teams to work in these various ways.

Next is our stand up meeting at 10am. This is a good chance to hear progress made by individual team members and share what we will be working on for the rest of the day. Any blockers or issues are identified here and separate meetings take place afterwards to resolve these.

After stand up, I make a start on any tasks I’ve pulled from the Kanban board. Sometimes I do this individually, or it can be pair programming. The mix is fairly balanced based on your preferred way of working and the nature of the task.

At lunchtime there are various options, with an onsite café in our NCFE headquarters, or a range of food places on the business park. Usually I go to one of the food places as it gives me a chance to get out of the office and catch up with colleagues in a social setting.

My afternoons normally vary, they either include continuing work on aforementioned tasks or attending any meetings that may be in my calendar. For example, our team has been using a behaviour-driven development approach, and we have example mapping sessions when needed.

As the afternoon winds down, I do one last check to make sure there are no urgent blockers from members of the team, commit any work I have completed in the day, and then look back at my list from earlier in the day to see if I have achieved what I set out to.

My days at NCFE are always varied and the flexible working policy is a great benefit. Working remotely from home is just as easy as being in the office! It’s good to be part of a collaborative and proactive team who work both individually and together to achieve shared goals.


If you want to join a team that is ambitious, talented, hardworking and fun, please contact our Recruitment team at [email protected]

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