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A day in the life of Kate McKay our Service Desk Technician

The IT team at NCFE provides essential IT services to all areas of the business, both external and internal. To support all of our colleagues both at head office and remotely, the Group IT team works on responding to and solving all queries which come through to our Service Desk, making life much easier for everyone in the business when we have technology troubles!

Kate McKay is a 1st Line Technician at NCFE and shares a day in the life of managing the Service Desk. 

At 8.30am I log on to my computer and check through the queue of tasks on Service Desk. This involves categorising and assigning them out to the relevant person or team. There’s a few I’m unsure about so I check with a colleague before assigning them out. I also make sure I’m available on the phone for anything urgent.  

Scheduled for 9.15am is a daily catch up with the team to go through our work from the day before, our plans for today, any obstacles and important updates we want to share. Since we are all working from home at the moment due to the COVID-19 situation, these catch up meetings really help to keep the team motivated and it’s a nice way to start the morning.

After this, I have some time booked in with a colleague to look at their sound issues on our virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system, so I remote on to their screen and spend some time resolving this issue.

I’m back looking at the Service Desk queue by 10.30am, I do some password resets, email permissions and fixing adobe pro for various users. I check my email and Microsoft Teams chats regularly in case I have any messages from people directly.

It’s time to take a break from monitoring and working on the Service Desk queue to do some personal development by shadowing a colleague in IT Infrastructure. We’re discussing our Office 365 administration portal which I’m interested in learning more about. I also watch some tutorial videos on the subject as I’m preparing for a Microsoft Certification on the subject.

12.30pm is lunchtime!

One hour later I’m back from lunch and we have a breach ticket review meeting. This is where we go through any tickets that have gone over service-level agreements (SLA), we discuss the reasons for this and if there’s anything we could do differently. This time is used to have a quick catch up and check in on the other members of the team. As I’m working from home today, I attend the meeting via Microsoft Teams while I’m sitting in my garden – the weather is really nice!

I receive a phone call from a colleague to say that they can’t get logged on to the VDI system, I do some troubleshooting and manage to get this issue fixed.

The Service Desk queue is quieter this afternoon, so I spend some time going over the older tickets I have, putting updates on them and checking back in with people to see if they need anything else. I manage to get some of the older tickets closed off which is great.

The last hour of the day is spent doing some mandatory training and a last check of the queue before logging off for the day. The sun is still shining so I’m going to make the most of it and get back in the garden!

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