Top 10 reasons to choose NCFE

There’s lots of reasons to choose NCFE as your school's Awarding Organisation. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. We support achievement
    Our new combined Level 1/2 Technical Awards benefit from an average of nearly an 85% achievement rate* across NCFE V Certs. Download our latest achievement data.
  1. We support teachers
    Our resources, training and events and help ensure a smooth delivery of our qualifications, including support from our Curriculum team. Find out more about the events offered by our Curriculum team.
  1. We support progress 8
    Our V Cert Technical Awards count as part of Progress 8 so you meet the needs of all learners without sacrificing performance points. Download our latest Department for Education quick guide. [new link soon].
  1. We support PSHE
    Our PSHE offer includes teacher CPD and qualifications in Relationships, Sex and Health Education. Learn more about how we can support your PSHE lessons.
  1. We support learners
    Our Aspiration Awards are about honouring learners who’ve used V Certs to help them progress and engage with education. Read the stories from this years’ winners.
  1. We support employability.
    To ensure your learners leave school ready for the workplace, we have a range of CEAIG solutions to support them.
  1. We support English and maths.
    Our bite-sized qualifications, Functional Skills and solutions for post-16 ensure every learner leaves schools with essentials skills in English and maths. Explore our solutions for English and maths.
  1. We support administration.
    With a Net Promoter Score of +77.5, we’re regarded as one of the best in the business for customer experience, saving you valuable time. Find out what Neil Stocking, Vice Principal of Highcrest Academy had to say about working with NCFE.
  1. We support CPD.
    We partner with Learning Curve Group to bring you a range of free* Level 2 qualifications to ensure that you can continue learning too. Explore the qualifications available including Mental Health Awareness, Understanding Behaviour that Challenges and Understanding Autism.
  1. We support progression.
    Whether your learners want to go on to further study, the workplace or just aren’t sure, we have create a range of career cards to help them explore the options available. Download all of our career cards.

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*data related to spring 2019 external assessment data for schools only.

Stephen Mordue
Stephen Mordue
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Stephen Mordue
Stephen Mordue
When talking about nutrition I am not necessarily talking about weight loss. Instead, I am talking about the increasing evidence that good nutrition improves mood and mental well-being.
Stephen Mordue
Stephen Mordue
Being organised and methodical helps you control the chaos that is an inevitable part of life and helps you to remain calm in the face of challenges.
Stephen Mordue
Stephen Mordue
When it comes to self-care, research and data implies the most important element is sleep.
Matthew Burton
Matthew Burton
Matthew Burton is the head teacher at Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury and appeared on Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire. Matthew has written for NCFE about making pivotal curriculum decisions on behalf of learners.