Shaping the future with funding

The plan for T levels is to shape the future of education and our economy, the government has stated that their hope for T Levels is that they will be world-class, much like their ‘traditional’ counterparts, A Levels.

In order to achieve this likeness and produce world-class qualifications, the government released a funding consultation at the end of 2018, announcing their plans for a funding system which will hopefully ensure the success of T Levels.

The consultation states that funding for the delivery of T Levels will include ‘an extra £500 million a year to meet the costs of additional teaching hours and industry placement requirements’.  Other notable points of the consultation include 18 year olds being funded at the same level as 16 and 17 year olds on a T Level and the mandatory industry placement will be funded at £550 funding over the 2 years of the programme, or £275 per year.

The consultation closes at 11.45pm on 19 February 2019 and can be accessed here