Highlighting the importance of lifelong learning at work

Following Boris Johnson’s pledge to support further education, businesses gear up to celebrate Learning at Work Week 2020.

Employers and individuals across the country are gearing up to celebrate the benefits of lifelong learning as ‘Learning at Work Week’ returns!

With free learning resources, virtual events and activities lined up for the week commencing 5 October, there’s still time to get involved.

The popular event is organised by Campaign for Learning (CfL) – part of the NCFE Group - and aims to put the spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development.

As to be expected, Covid-19 is shaping this year’s Learning at Work Week. The week has moved to October from its usual slot in May, and businesses are responding to Covid-19 restrictions by including virtual activities in their own action-packed weeks.  

The Prime Minister’s recent announcement of a ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’ reinforces the importance of skills development at all levels for the country’s long-term recovery from the economic shock of Covid-19, and makes the week’s focus on lifelong learning especially important. 

Learning at Work Week 2020 national activities include:

  • Free learning bundles for employers from getAbstract and Emerald Works including resources on growing resilience and boosting self- motivation; and free virtual learning activities from The Open University Business School, Northgate Training Activities, Findcourses.co.uk and LinkedIn Learning.
  • Learning at Work Week: Live on Thursday 8 October hosted by national partner Findcourses.co.uk in partnership with Campaign for Learning, featuring taster sessions and workshops open to everyone.
  • ‘Images of Learning’ photo challenge and prize draw encouraging everyone to show off their creativity by taking a photo of what learning means to them.
  • CfL family learning webinar for parents – Ideas and Resources to Love Learning and Feel Great on 5 October.
  • Impact Awards open to participating businesses for running excellent Learning at Work Week events, sponsored by LinkedIn Learning, getAbstract, The Open University Business School, Findcourses.co.uk and NCFE.
  • ‘Sounds of Learning’ playlist will provide the music for Learning at Work Week with tracks nominated by partners and participants available on Spotify.

Employers will also be delivering virtual workshops, tasters and talks for Learning at Work Week.

allpay, a leading payment services provider, will host podcasts, a special breakfast where the company’s MD and Finance Director will share their learning journeys, an electronic graffiti wall for colleagues to express their learning creatively and team building activities to explore how we learn.

Julia Wright, National Director at Campaign for Learning, commented:

“There has never been a better time to raise the profile of learning at work.

“We were already experiencing significant shifts to the nature of work including increased automation and digital transformations. Covid-19 has depleted the economy and brought huge additional challenges.

“Employers have already adapted what they do, in some cases their entire operational structure. Going forward, investing in work-based learning and development will help businesses continue to be flexible and thrive in these new and uncertain times. For employees, being motivated and able to learn new skills will help them expand what they do and continue in employment by moving into new roles and sectors.”

For more information about Learning at Work Week and all of the activities visit: www.learningatworkweek.com.

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