Apprenticeship Levy – not just another tax

Many businesses, particularly levy paying businesses, view the Apprenticeship Levy as ‘just another tax’, and lament that the funds raised via the levy do not adequately cover the cost of implementing Apprenticeship training.

Yet, there is a wealth of data that shows the cost-effectiveness of Apprenticeship training:

  • 97% of businesses say Apprenticeships prove to be good value for money
  • 83% of businesses state that Apprentices add value to their business within just six months
  • 59% of businesses report that training Apprentices is more cost-effective than hiring already skilled staff, with 59% believing that Apprenticeships lead to lower overall training costs and 53% feeling that they reduce recruitment costs.

Apprenticeships provide a cost-effective solution to develop competent staff in line with modern industry benchmarks, with nationally recognised qualifications that offer real progression opportunities for staff.

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