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V Cert Technical Awards

This page contains further information on approved adaptations for the following V Certs qualifications (Level 1/2 Technical Awards):

  • NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness (603/2650/5)
  • NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Business and Enterprise (603/2955/5)
  • NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Performance Skills (603/2960/9)
  • NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Engineering (603/2963/4)
  • NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Art & Design (603/2964/6)

The government’s intention is that work placements, exams and assessments will take place in the academic year 2021-2022, therefore moving away from results being based on Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) used in 2020-21, where this was permitted. We recognise that learners who will be taking exams and assessments in 2021-22 have had significant disruption to their education since March 2020, and we remain committed in continuing to support learners in the face of any further disruption.

The following approved adaptations are in place for the 2021-22 academic year.
Set date assessments

These qualifications have an external assessment that must be sat on a set date and time and at your centre. External assessments will go ahead in 2021-22, unless public health measures deteriorate in which case this will be reviewed by the government.

Previously, where assessments were timetabled for a set date and time, we:

  • updated our assessment variation process to allow centres to use additional test centre locations.

Where possible, we have now implemented further adaptations, which may include:

  • added additional assessment opportunities.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, learners will be permitted up to two retake opportunities for external assessments for Technical Awards. Assessment opportunities where students have received results based on teacher assessed grades (TAGs) and centre assessment grades (CAGs) do not count towards these retake opportunities.

For further information, please see our updated external assessment timetable guide on QualHub.

Synoptic project assessments

These assessments are completed in a set number of hours and the centre arranges supervised periods of external assessment within a set window. Synoptic projects are externally set by NCFE, internally graded by the centre and externally quality assured by NCFE.

We’ve updated our assessment variation process to allow centres to use additional test centre locations and we’ve adapted our assessments so they can be delivered in line with public health guidelines. All relevant qualification content must still be delivered, and assessment criteria met.

To further support centres, significant adaptations have been made to the conditions of the V Cert Technical Award synoptic project.

We have:

  • adapted the delivery and completion conditions so that it can now be completed by learners remotely where required
  • removed the requirement to complete within a set number of hours
  • removed the requirement before completion under controlled conditions
  • removed the timescales around submission deadlines and brought forward the release of the synoptic project brief so centres can plan their own delivery timescales around their own delivery plan.

Bookings for the 2021-22 synoptic projects will be open from 1 November 2021 – this is earlier in the session, in line with adaptations published on our website. Bookings will remain open until the final submission deadline which is 27 May 2022. EQA activity would then need to be carried out before 31 July 2022 to ensure results are confirmed for performance tables. Please familiarise yourself with the adaptations published on the individual qualification pages on QualHub for more information.

We’ve also created some helpful videos to support you in exploring the adaptations available for these qualifications: