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We’re delighted to invest in Campaign for Learning.

Campaign for Learning is a charity that we were delighted to invest in to secure its future. Since 1997, Campaign for Learning has delivered impactful campaigns, training programmes, research, delivery projects and policy work for the benefit of the education sector.

We’ve worked with Campaign for Learning for many years, and the team’s input was integral to the success of our campaigns and policy papers like Making a Success of the National Skills Fund, which was covered widely in the press. Campaign for Learning also conducts its own events such as the annual Family Learning Festival and Learning at Work Week.

Campaign for Learning’s purpose aligns with our own, so continuing to support its initiatives just makes sense for us. The charity is committed to championing lifelong learning by promoting active participation in education for learners of all ages through events and activities. We believe, as they do, that the mission hugely benefits families, communities, society and economy.

Joining NCFE will safeguard Campaign for Learning’s future. As an industry leader and collaborator, we can use our reach and impact to introduce its campaigns to new audiences while we represent the needs of learners of all ages, throughout society.

Why NCFE and Campaign for Learning are perfect partners

We share many common values and objectives with Campaign for Learning, like our:


We’re both dedicated to promoting lifelong learning and changing societal attitudes towards education. We’ll continue to operate independently from each other to achieve our aims, but our core purpose is united.

Experience and expertise

Campaign for Learning has hands-on experience of working directly with learners and we have expertise in all kinds of technical and vocational learning.


We have the scale and scope to boost Campaign for Learning’s impact, as well as to introduce its work to new audiences.


A decline in funding in recent years has jeopardised the sustainability of many smaller charities. We want to support the health of the sector by funding Campaign for Learning to continue its great work.

Social purpose

We both work tirelessly to promote social mobility and prosperity.

Learn more about Campaign for Learning.

Campaign for Learning is a fantastic organisation, which has played a crucial role in establishing and developing best practice in learning, in key segments of society and the economy. With undeniable synergy between our core purposes, by investing in the charity’s future, we can continue to work together for the benefit of the sector but with renewed focus, leveraging each other’s strengths in core areas of education to help engage more people in learning.

David Gallagher, NCFE Chief Executive